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Supporting you and your team to thrive

Mazamo designs, prepares and delivers workshop and coaching packages to help you and the team you work in be more effective at work. These are for both team members and team leaders alike.


We create bespoke in-house courses and workshops and offer individual, group and/or team coaching to suit your needs and the requirements of your organisation.

These are run either online or in-person (or both).

A selection of workshops run by Mazamo include:


Building collaborative relationships across teams

In this workshop, you will learn how to put together a collaboration by considering what you need in place to maximise the value of the partnership, whether it is an internal or external collaboration.


By the end of the workshop, you'll be better able to:


  • appreciate the benefits and challenges of collaborations;

  • understand why a potential collaborator might want to work with you; and

  • manage a successful collaboration with the right agreements in place.

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Having a challenging conversation to create a win-win situation

The workshop will help participants to: 


  • explore how to be more assertive in challenging conversations and how to apply it in different situations; 

  • deal with people who exhibit challenging behaviours in a group; and

  • create a winning situation to ensure that they move their projects forward more smoothly.

In a Meeting

Effective influencing

The workshop will help participants to: 


  • develop influencing skills for leading projects and teams internally; and

  • work more effectively with key external stakeholders; and

  • target key influencers to help you get the resources and support you need.

Enquire now and explore how we can support you in delivering courses and learning packages in your organisation.

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