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Need facilitation expertise?

Do you find it difficult facilitating a meeting when you cannot remain impartial? 


Or when the participants might get challenging?

Or do you not have enough time to devote to facilitating an upcoming meeting?

Let us facilitate your meeting for you. We use a three-step process and work closely with you to tailor the session to meet the objectives of the meeting.

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Working Together

Our three step facilitation process


Design and plan

We will consult with the client before the meeting to get background, to clarify the objectives and the desired outcomes of the group and gain to agreement on the way forward.

We will then formulate a plan for the session(s) based on the time available, the space layout and the participants expected.


Guide and manage

We will facilitate the group to ensure there is good engagement in the content and effective participation.


Any live issues and difficult group dynamics will be handled thoughtfully whilst keeping the energy and pace of the group flowing.


We will make sure the group remains on track with its goals.


Focus and close

We will ensure all contributions are considered in the ideas or solutions that emerge.

We will aid consensus building and decision- making and make sure that outcomes, actions and questions are properly recorded.

We will get agreement from the group on how actions are appropriately dealt with afterwards.

Staff Meeting

We offer facilitation in:

  • Setting vision and direction

  • Strategy formulation

  • Producing plans of action

  • Team building

  • Management of projects

  • Crisis meetings

  • Technical workshops

  • Policy related consultations

  • Creating and developing new ideas

  • Roadmapping work

Enquire now and allow us to facilitate your meeting

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