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Leadership learning and coaching packages

Mazamo designs, prepares and delivers workshop and coaching packages to help you to develop critical skills that will improve your leadership confidence performance in the work place. For any stage of your leadership journey.


We create bespoke in-house courses and workshops and offer individual, group and/or team coaching to suit your needs and the requirements of your organisation.

These are run either online or in-person (or both).

A selection of workshops run by Mazamo include:

Image by Amy Hirschi

Developing emotional intelligence as a leader

The workshop will help participants to: 


  • Increase their self-awareness of their emotions and how they are perceived by others; 

  • explore how being self-aware and transparent can build trust in a team; and

  • consider the behaviours and habits that will ultimately improve their team’s productivity.

Image by Jason Goodman

Managing change

Participants will learn how to use processes to lead their team in times of change especially in an ever changing work environment.


This workshop will help participants to:


  • take initiative and make things happen in challenging times; and

  • manage change with your team members in a more effective way.

Image by Smartworks Coworking

Improving the effectiveness of a team

Getting the best out of the team you work with can be difficult. There can often be confusion or misunderstandings that lead to a breakdown in the functioning of a team. 


This workshop will help participants  to:


  • Learn about the five elements that lead to a dysfunctional team; 

  • Recognise these elements when working with a team; and

  • Explore strategies to make your team more effective.

Enquire now and explore how we can support you in delivering in-house courses and learning packages in your organisation.

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