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Productivity and wellbeing

These workshops are aimed at increasing positivity and the effectiveness of participants. 


These sessions can be run as one-hour interactive online sessions (without breakouts) or 90-minute interactive online sessions with breakouts.


These sessions can be adapted to meet the needs of the client and any combination can be chosen for delivery.

Topics can also be covered be covered in our individual, group or team coaching packages.

How to minimise imposter feelings

This workshop will help you:


  • understand what causes the Imposter Phenomenon and its effects;

  • Recognise the behaviours of the Imposter Phenomenon that you might see in yourself or your team; and

  • Develop strategies to manage your imposter feelings and build confidence.

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How to recognise and beat burnout 

This workshop will:


  • Explain the signs of burnout that you might see in yourself and your team;

  • Describe the main causes of burnout; and

  • Provide you with suggestions to beat burnout for you and your team. 

Resilience - strategies for coping in uncertain times

This workshop will help you to:


  • Understand the importance of maintaining your resilience in these challenging times, so you can continue to perform successfully;

  • Identify tools to maintain your resilience; and

  • Support others with their resilience.

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Image by Lucas Santos
Mastering your time at work

This workshop will help you to:


  • explore time management techniques to make you more effective in your work;

  • use these techniques  immediately in your working environment.

  • look at how to better manage your tasks, your emails and your meetings.

Managing hybrid working

This workshop will help you to: 


  • develop a more collaborative leadership style in this hybrid working environment;

  • maintain rapport and commitment with those you are working with; and

  • promote and facilitate a productive dialogue with members in your team and other key stakeholders.

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Leveraging your strengths

This workshop will:


  • explain what the benefits are from focusing on your strengths;

  • help you identify your strengths; and

  • provide you with tips to use and improve your strengths. 

Find out more about our productivity and wellbeing workshops and coaching packages.

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